Jake McCambley in his most professional vest

Jake McCambley

Full Stack Software Engineer

Jake McCambley smilin'

Hey there, I'm Jake.

I am a full stack software engineer with experience building websites and web applications.

I've spent the past six years working around the United States in a variety of Industries. From wilderness therapy to mountain hospitality I've worn many hats. I've always been drawn to roles that connect humans to themselves and others.

These days my time is spent building and deploying beautiful websites. I've long been interested in the convergence of creativity and problem solving, and learning how to better occupy that space. My work is a product of that search. I design and build websites that look good and solve problems.

When I'm not coding, you can find me making music, out hiking, and petting all the good dogs.



My recent work is a combination of client collaborations and intentional practice geared towards learning through fun. Hit the github icon to see how each project was built or click through to view the project live.

JavaScript | React | TypeScript | MongoDB | Express | Node.js | Next.js | HTML5 | CSS3 | Git & GitHub | styled-components | Apollo | GraphQL | Contentful | SQL | NoSQL | MySQL | Jest | Mocha | npm | Unit Testing | OOP | Continuous Integration (CI) | UI/UX| Google Cloud | REST APIs | Agile | Heroku | Webpack | nginx | Algorithms

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